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With the development of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs that utilize hydraulic fracturing technologies, water management concerns have escalated. In certain geographic areas the total cost of handling water, from sourcing through disposal, is challenging the economic viability of future field development.

212 Resources offers proprietary technology providing an economic solution to the energy industry through our patented mechanical vapor recompression process.

Our process produces two effluent streams: Consistent quality water and highly concentrated brine. What differentiates our process from our competitors is the ability to concentrate the brine to near saturation levels, which greatly reduces disposal volumes and maximizes the volume of clean water.

In the Marcellus Shale, produced water and frac flowback waters contain very high concentrations of salts (TDS), often reaching 150,000+ ppm. Our design allows concentration of up to 300,000+ ppm TDS, thereby effectively reducing the waste stream by 50%. (For comparison purposes seawater is approximately 33,000 ppm.)

Fluids returning to surface from fracing operations and from normal production activities vary widely in their consistency of dissolved solids and other elements. These oscillations in water quality cause significant operational issues with many water treatment processes. 212 Resources’ system is designed to handle continuous undulations in constituents without additional and/or expensive front end filtration systems, allowing very economic price points to the industry.

Our treatment systems (referred to as “POD’s”) are designed to be located in close proximity to actual drilling and completion activities. This significantly reduces costs associated with water sourcing, transportation, associated environmental risks and ancillary expenses often over looked; such as road maintenance. Other possible applications provide opportunities for the beneficial industrial use of concentrated brine; again reducing the total cost of water management to the industry.

212 Resources further differentiates itself from competition with an integrated steam stripper system which is designed to remove VOC’s and BTEX components. We have successfully operated under two stringent permits. In Wyoming, 212 Resources has operated successfully for four years processing 4000 BBLs per day of frac flowback and produced water for use in drilling and completion activities. We operate under BLM regulations requiring methanol concentrations significantly lower than EPA drinking water standards: Our Colorado operation processed frac flowback and produced water for discharge into a class one trout stream on the western slope. In this case we had to re-mineralize the clean effluent to meet both sodium absorption rate (SAR) requirements and whole effluent toxicity (WET) criteria.

Through 212 Resources’ technology and experience, we provide a cost-effective water treatment process that meets all regulatory and environmental needs.

H2Oil Disposal and Recovery Services is an oilfield waste recycling and recovery company focused on managing crude oil tank bottoms, high BS&W crude oil and other E&P liquid waste streams. Our strategically located plants, versatile process and multi-faceted facilities receive fluids from oil field spills, heater-treater residuals, pond skimmings and high solids flowback water on a 24/7 basis.


Our H2Oil service package offers producers and haulers exceptional value by providing cost effective solutions for:

Disposal of: tank bottoms, oil field spills, heater-treater residuals, pond skimmings high solids flowback water, and other liquid wastes

  • Vacuum truck washouts (performed by H2Oil crew)
  • Fastest truck turnaround (in/out) service
  • 24/7 year round operation
  • Refueling service (specific locations)
  • Free coffee/soft drinks/snacks and showers
  • Purchase of skim oil, lease slop oil, off-spec crude oil
  • Onsite Testing
  • Transportation

H2Oil is happy to offer truck washouts performed by our H2Oil crew, rather than the driver, for safer and quicker truck turnarounds. Truck washouts are done year round, 24/7, regardless of weather conditions.  We use brine water, fresh water or hot water as requested by the hauler.

 H2Oil is the leading disposal company in the Permian Basin.  We support over 170 transportation companies and more than 600 producers.


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