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Top 50 most promising water tech start-ups of 2012 unveiled

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13, 2012 -- The Artemis Projectâ„¢, a non-profit dedicated to helping water technology companies emerge into the world market, has announced its 2012 Artemis Project Top 50 Water Tech Listingâ„¢. The Top 50 identifies the most promising companies that are applying innovation in the market to address today's dire water challenges. The Artemis Project is awarding the companies at the Cleantech Water Innovation Summit in Berkeley, California today.

The jury voted 212 Resources, ENBALA Power Networks, NanoH2O, New Sky Energy and Saltworks Technologies as the "Top 5." Atlantis Technologies, MINT, New Sky Energy, Saltworks Technologies and TaKaDu were named the "Most Promising" technologies of 2012. The judges chose 212 Resources, Aqua-Pure Ventures, HTI, Marrone Bio Innovations and NanoH2O as "Early Leaders" among the 19 companies generating revenues beyond US$5 million.

Top 5:

  • 212 Resources
  • ENBALA Power Networks
  • NanoH2O
  • New Sky Energy
  • Saltworks Technologies

Early Market Leaders:

  • 212 Resources
  • Aqua-Pure Ventures
  • HTI
  • Marrone Bio Innovations
  • NanoH2O

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